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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LG Optimus T / One Video Review - Performance When Rooted With a Custom Overclocked ROM

Here is a video review I did to give everyone a look at how quick and snappy the LG Optimus T is after rooting, installing the custom ROM 'Megatron' from the XDA forums, and overclocking. Check out my other blog post on how to do this yourself, and I will post a video in the next few days giving a visual overview on how to do this yourself.

Please check out the source video at youtube for the HD version of this video!


  1. hummm...interesting..

  2. i installed d megatron rom....but i cant overclock to 806 mhz by setcpu....after setting d value to 806mhz if i open ne app den it d cell freezes n d brightness bcums max...d only option is to yank out d battery....plzzzzzz help

  3. bfore installing a custom kernel for better oc,setcpu showed max as 864mhz max...after flashng wid.d kernel setcpu shws 825mhz max n d same prob is there as mentioned above

  4. I just got one from t-mobile. I need help unlocking it.

  5. @ Anonymous: Unlocking is MUCH different than rooting it. I unlocked an AT&T Impression using online sources...just google getting it unlocked.
    UNLOCK: Using any major carriers sim card for your device.
    ROOT: Fully accessing your device, enabling the option of flashing custom roms..or operating systems within the Android spectrum...which in turn, will allow you to download ROOT specific apps via market to over-clock cpu, etc.
    This tutorial 'popped my cherry' to the potential of the Android OS. Just follow the links provided and when in Terminal...type VERY CAREFULLY!! Before pressing enter, verify your context. Otherwise this dev has provided everything you need to know.

    I love the Megatron Rom!!! Great JOB!!!