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Sunday, January 30, 2011

LG Optimus T / One Touchscreen Bug Fixed - No More Game Lag!!!

So a clever user "mik_os" over at the XDA developers forums have gone and fixed that pesky touchscreen bug with the LG Optimus T / One that has been driving everyone crazy. I touched on this in my previous posts/videos, but what happens is when there is an input event on the touchscreen (you touch it) the CPU usages spikes to 100% and causes games to lag horrible when touching the screen. Now with this new kernal games run great and I don't get any slowdown!

I will post up a video shortly comparing both phones (one without  the kernal, one with the kernal) running the same games for comparison.

You follow the same instructions as for the previous kernal installation. Make sure you do a full titanium backup first, then boot into recovery, do a full NAND backup (which doesn't appear to fully work on my phone, and seems to be a common bug everyone is having. Just make sure to have enough SD card memory space and hopefully it works regardless of the error), then go to flash from zip, flash the kernal, and boom you should be rolling.

I had a problem with my phone when I installed this kernal. I did everything I said above, but then got stuck into a boot-loop and couldn't get my phone to start. I had to go back into recovery, do a full wipe, re-flash the megatron zip-file, THEN flash the kernal, then boot up the phone and restore my settings/apps from titanium backup. Most people don't have this same problem I had, but like all of these 'hacks' just beware.