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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Video Tutorial - How to Root, Install Recovery, and Install Custom ROMs on LG Optimus T / One

In order to supplement my previous blog post where I provided general information and links on how to root, install a custom recovery, install a custom ROM, and overclock your LG Optimus T / One, I have created two new videos. Please use this video in conjunction with my previous blog post ( Please do this at your own risk as there is the possibility of bricking your phone (damaging it). I am NOT an expert or a developer, just someone who struggled through this process and thought people could really benefit from a more clear and concise guide on how to do this (instead of random information from different sources that is hard to follow). If you have problems or comments PLEASE post them in this blog and go to the XDA developers forum and search/post there!

Part 1:

Part 2:

WIND Mobile Offer Free Sim-Card to ANY Unsatisfied Mobilicity Customer

It seems that WIND has been really trying to keep ahead of Mobilicity. First they released their 'Holiday Miracle' plan that was essentially everything unlimited (including data) for only $40 per month (competing with Mobilicities similar unlimited promotional plan). Following this, Mobilicity continually extended this promotion, and each time WIND countered by also extending their promo. Now, WIND is really trying to bring you over from Mobilicity by offering a free SIM card. This means if you own a Mobilicity phone (they are all compatible with WIND) all you need to do is buy an unlock code online and you're set. WIND charges $25 for a SIM card without a phone (they are free with the purchase of a phone), so this will essentially cover your unlocking fee for your Mobilicity phone (usually around $10-25 depending on the phone and the unlocking website used).

Is this enough to make you switch from Mobilicity to WIND?