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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mobilicity Launching Google Nexus S in March, Blackberry Playbook When Released

Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin announced at a press meet-up today that they will be launching the Google Nexus S (official Google Android developer phone) in March alongside other major carriers, and they will also be getting the Blackberry Playbook whenever RIM decides to release it. This is great news for Android fans and Wind Mobile customers, because Mobilicity and Wind phones are compatible with each other and use the same AWS frequency bands. I personally find the timing to be non-ideal, because by that point there should be quite a few dual core Tegra 2 Android handsets on the market.

Motorola Confirms Locked Bootloader Not Going Anywhere, Hopefully Consumers Go Somewhere Else

You may have seen the video from CES 2011 showing off the impressive Motorola Atrix phone, complete with desktop and laptop docking accessories that essentially transformed the phone into a computer. Motorola has always locked down their bootloaders, meaning that the development community (Cyanogenmod, XDA developers, etc...) could not load their own custom ROMS, or at least would have a very hard time doing (i'm told that the droid X and droix 2 received custom ROMs after a lot of effort of cracking Motorola's bootloader). They have just confirmed that they won't be changing this policy any time soon, saying over youtube 

"@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we'll continue with our strategy that is working thanks." 

So i'm going to stick to my regular motto of never buying anything Motorola. I will gladly buy a phone from someone like LG, HTC, or Samsung. The Motorola XT720 was released with android 2.1 less then a year ago, and it will stay there forever (or until a developer cracks the bootloader, which they have not done yet). I don't know about you, but at the pace that Android is advancing (and how necessary the updates are to the speed and function of the phone) I refuse to do without updates like that. Installing custom ROMs is a great way to keep getting updates long after official support has been dropped. Now I know that not all ROMs constitute and actual Android update (many are just tweaked versions of the existing Android OS), but more often than not the new version of Android comes to a phone first through the developing community, and THEN officially (if ever). Check out the source below for more details. Keep in mind, this policy also applies to their upcoming Android 3.0 honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom.

What do you all think? Will you buy a phone from Motorola knowing they lock the bootloader and you can never install custom ROMs?

LG Optimus T / One Video Review - Performance When Rooted With a Custom Overclocked ROM

Here is a video review I did to give everyone a look at how quick and snappy the LG Optimus T is after rooting, installing the custom ROM 'Megatron' from the XDA forums, and overclocking. Check out my other blog post on how to do this yourself, and I will post a video in the next few days giving a visual overview on how to do this yourself.

Please check out the source video at youtube for the HD version of this video!

John Gruber Rains on Our Parade - Says iPad 2 Will Have Same Resolution as iPad 1

The most exciting rumour i've heard about the upcoming iPad 2 is the possible double resolution retina display. Gruber states "its display may be improved in other ways — brighter, better power consumption, thinner, perhaps. Maybe it uses the new manufacturing technique Apple introduced with the iPhone 4 display, which brings the LCD closer to the surface of the touchscreen glass — making it look more like pixels on glass rather than pixels under glass. But my sources are pretty sure that it’s not 2048 × 1536 or any other “super high resolution”. Gruber also states that the high ram requirements would make a super high res display cost prohibitive, and he now questions the rest of the rumours found at engadget so far (dual core GPU, SD card slot, mini displayport, etc...).