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Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News For T-Mobile / Wind / Mobilicity Customers - T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Vibrant Updated to Android 2.2

Great news for customers of T-Mobile / Wind / Mobilicity, because the Vibrant is getting an official update to Android 2.2 froyo TODAY. This is wonderful news for Canadians as well, because the Vibrant can be purchased from Ebay for around $350-450 (typically used for this price range) and unlocked for use with WIND Mobile and Mobilicity.

UPDATE - It is now available through Samsungs Kies Mini PC app. See link below for full story at Engadget.


  1. I wish T-Mobile got the iPhone.

    edit: Lose your CAPTCHA, it's annoying.

  2. nice to know tmobile people are having a good day!

    your friend,

  3. Really its Good News for us.. but sir one thing i want to know ..about CAPTCHA ? glad to know TMOBILE i will going to get that.

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